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Covid19 Safety

Due to Covid19 Regulations, this year Santa will have zero contact with any children and families.  This will mean that any child that is too young to sit by themselves (or might not want to) will be required to sit with a family member.  This could be an older sibling or with mum and Dad for a family photo.

In order to comply with COVID 19 regulations we ask that all persons attending Santa photos DO NOT have any symptoms related in COVID19 including fever, cough and sore throat. Are not from, nor have visited in the past 14 days, a known hotspot for COVID 19 as noted by any Australian State or Territory Health websites. Have not been tested for COVID19 in the past 14 days with a pending or positive test result, nor have been in contact with any persons that have tested positive to COVID 19 within the past 30 days.  If any of the above applies to you or any family member attending photos, please contact us to make alternative arrangements.

Whilst attending your session please remain the required 1.5 metres distance from all other families and all staff of JadyBug’s Santa on the Beach.

JadyBug staff will have hand sanitiser to be used by all families and will also be sanitising the set between each family to comply with NSW Health requirements.

Booking and Payments

All payments are to be made at the time of booking to secure your session.  Payment is via PayPal and your session will not be secured unless your payment has been received.

Booking times are in 15 minute time slots and are reserved for more than one family. The first family to arrive for each time slot will be the first to see Santa. Please note, that if you arrive early for your session you will not be guaranteed to see Santa at an earlier time.

The maximum number of children allowed per session is five. If a photo with more than five children is required, a second session on the same day is required to be booked.

Each session with Santa allows a maximum of 3 different photos/poses with Santa.

Where more than one photo is required with Santa (as above) subsequent packages/images are required to be purchased. Therefore, if you choose to have two photos with Santa in your session, then you will be required to purchase two individual packages/images. Each package will contain one photo choice only and cannot consist of different photos/poses.

Safety and Pets

Whilst all care is taken during our photo sessions with Santa, please be aware that Santa's surfboard can be slippery. JadyBug will take all measures to ensure that children are safe at all times, however no responsibility will be taken for any falls or injuries during our photo sessions and all decisions to stand on Santa's surfboard will be in the parent’s hands.

Family pets are welcome to attend their family photos, however they are not permitted on their own. At Redhead the area of the beach that our photos are taken on is not an 'off leash' area, therefore all pets must be on a leash at all times. JadyBug's Santa on the Beach takes no responsibility for any animal not complying with Council regulations and/or any fines issued for infringement of these regulations.

JadyBug's main focus for Santa photos are on our little people, so please be mindful of children that may be scared of pets. If it is noticed that there are anxious children due to pets attending, we may ask that you stand to the side of the shooting area and away from children until your session time arrives.

Should your pet get a little overwhelmed and anxious with all the excitement and/or be afraid of Santa, JadyBug reserves the right to ask that you take some time out with your pet to calm them down. In rare circumstances we may also request that your pet be removed from the area and not participate in the session. This decision will be decided upon by Jade and/or Santa and will not be negotiable. The safety of all our staff members and clients is our number one priority.

Collection of packages and prints

JadyBug's Santa on the Beach will choose the best photo on the day to have e-mailed/printed for you. If there are any problems with choosing the most appropriate photo Jade will contact you to assist in the elimination process.  If you are not happy with the photo chosen, please feel free to contact us.  We will endeavour to help you out the best we can, though this may take a few days to rectify as we will need to pull all photos out from archives.

All prints and/or digital images will be ready 1-2 weeks after your session. Digital images will be sent via Dropbox and all physical prints/packages are required to be collected from Belmont North. Please be aware that during busy periods the wait time to receive your prints/images will be a maximum of two weeks. A confirmation e-mail will be sent once your order is completed and the exact location for pick up will be advised on this e-mail.

**Your personalised letter from Santa will be delivered by Moore Creative during the month of December. JadyBug will announce on her Facebook page when these have been posted. Please note that delivery can take up to one week, though please advise Jade if you have not received your letter one week after notification.

Cancellations and bad weather

Any cancellation made by you, the client, holds a $27 non refundable fee.

In the event of a cancelled session due to bad weather JadyBug will endeavour to reschedule your session at a time that is suitable to you. If a suitable time cannot be agreed upon, JadyBug will offer a full refund (including the above mentioned non refundable deposit).

If, due to unforeseen circumstances, JadyBug Photography is required to cancel a session and you are unable to attend a reschedule time than JadyBug will offer a full refund (including the above mentioned non refundable deposit).

Refunds of any nature will take 1-2 weeks to process.